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4 x 2.5 Hour Sessions

This course Is for anyone who wants to improve certain aspects of kayaking flat water areas. Which will underpin the skills needed, if or when they wish to move onto other environments, be it moving water, touring or large bodies of open water.

During the course we step back to our beginnings, working through a range of skills to understand how they work. Enabling you to take the lessons you learn away and practise!

We will cover:

  • Connectivity and outfitting

  • How to get in and out at different landing points

  • Effective Forwards paddling

  • Keeping forwards momentum

  • A range of turns

  • Holding speed through turns

  • Effective Backwards Paddling

  • How to stop spinning

  • How your body position affects what you do

  • Different options for moving sideways

  • How to use spray decks

  • Simple rescues and quick fixes

  • What to carry

  • What equipment you need

  • How to check river levels

I’m aware this is a long list which is why this course is split into 4 x 2.5h sessions

This course is available to anyone from complete beginners and those who want to tweak a number of aspects in their paddling.

At the end of the course you will receive the British Canoeing Explore award!

Kit required for the course: (available on request subject to availability):

  • Quality craft

  • Quality Paddle

  • Quality Helmet

  • Buoyancy aid

Optional Kit subject to availability:

  • Cag

  • Wetsuit

As with all our courses we believe in High quality, Low ratio courses, therefore this course will run with a maximum of 4 candidates.

We do need a minimum of 2 candidates to run this course

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