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2 Days

This course is designed for padders who are competent paddling grade 2 rivers and is designed to refine your paddling skills to grade 3+ standard. It will be tailored to meet your needs. 

A white water roll is an advantage on this course but is not essential. 

Day 1 - Skill assessment and development on a river trip

Day 2 - Skill development to challenge you in an environment suited to your skill level 

Skills Covered 

  • Look at your River reading Skills and line choice

  • Getting the most out of each paddle stroke

  • Solidifying skills in harder environments

  • Really learning to drive your Boat around 

  • Where to place safety cover if needed

Equipment you will need:

  • A white water kayak with plenty of buoyancy.

  • A suitable paddle

  • Whitewater helmet

  •  Buoyancy aid suitable for white water.

  • Sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing such as drysuit and thermals or Wetsuit and Splits.

You will also need a hot drink and lunch that you can carry on the river.

If you don’t have all of the above Kit please contact us as we may be able to help with this (subject to availability).

Possible Venues 

  • Wales:Upper Dee  and Lower Tryweryn 

  • Lake District: River Eden & River Leven

  • Teeside: River Tees 

      Just to name a few!

Please note the cost does not include:

  • Travel

  • Accomodation