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Whitewater Ways provide a range of tours, that cater for anyone we can provide them as mixed or the same craft whether that be Kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard or Canoe.
Each tour is different in Duration, Difficulty and also better suited to certain craft.
See below for a list of Tours and prices



Cost: £40pp
Duration: 1–3 Hours

The Barrow loop, this is by far the smallest tour that we do and once on the water can be completed within around an hour… If you don’t stop.

We will paddle for around 2.5miles mostly round a section of the river soar that takes you round Barrow upon soar and Quorn, with a smaller section on the Grand union canal, Depending on your Craft and water levels and there may also be an opportunity to give Barrow step weir a go.

This tour is suitable for all skill levels and first timers wishing to be led on a short trip.

It is also suitable for canoe, Kayak and stand up Paddleboards, but only kayaks will have the opportunity to shoot the weir.

Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 20.16.54.png


Cost: £50pp
Duration: 3-5 Hours

Our Figure of 8 Loop is one of our most popular tours and great for all levels of ability, the loop itself is approximately 6 miles long and usually takes between 3-4 hours to complete.

We will travel along the grand union canal in mount sorrel before dropping down the weir (craft Dependant)  into the more scenic back channels of the river soar, we then head towards Barrow upon soar and complete the Barrow loop Described above. Finally a gentle paddle down the grand union canal back to our starting point.

It is also suitable for canoe, Kayak and stand up Paddleboards, but only kayaks will have the opportunity to shoot the weirs.

Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 20.22.08.png


Cost: £60
Duration: Full day.

This is by far a favourite tour, It is suitable for all abilities but due to its length of 9 miles we would say this is of moderate difficulty and most certainly there will be a stop for lunch. We start this tour in barrow upon soar and head straight toward the river section of the soar, also completing the the first part of the barrow loop. After this we then head onto a large open section of the soar, taking us towards Loughborough. There is a quick portage at pillings lock before we continue down the canal a few hundred meters before our last portage of the day (This is also where we usually have our lunch). We then get back onto a nice section on the river soar which may even have a small amount of flow to aid us on our way, depending on river levels we may have a small bouncy wave coming next, around 3 quarters of the way we get to cotes bridge which is a small 1ft drop or a pleasant straight rapid depending on the height of the river. After this we then continue on our scenic adventure through Stamford on soar and end in Normanton on soar. Conveniently outside of a pub where most if not all you cars will be as well. Get yourself a Drink you have earned it!

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