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Making your Skills Stylish!


6 Weeks - 2 hours each week
**This includes All kit and Launch Fees**

Are you confident paddling on the flat water in a closed cockpit kayak and looking to take your skills to moving water? We've designed a 6 week program to take you there. 
We work at low ratios to give you the best possible learning experience either 1:4 or a max of 2:6 coach to client.

Course Cost includes: 

  • Launch Fees

  • Whitewater Kayak and Spray deck

  • Suitable Paddle

  • Wetsuit

  • Buoyancy Aid

  • Whitewater Helmet

An example of our programme looks similar to this:

Week 1 - Flat Water:

  • Connectivity check

  • Basic paddling 

  • Deck Test 

Week 2 - Back Channels:

  • Breaking in and out of eddies

  • Edge, Angle, Speed

  • Use of trim 

  • S- Turns

Week 3 - Increase of environment:

  • Putting the fundamentals of week 1 and week 2 into practice

  • Swimming in the back channels

  • Swimming in the main course and into eddies

  • Coaching in top and bottom section of the course

Week 4 - Elements of the course

  • Further coaching on sections of the main course

Week 5 - Full Course 

  • Paddling the course using paddling techniques and tactics learnt to make our way down the entire course

Week 6 - Free Play 

  • Group deicides on what they would like to improve on.  


  • All under 18's must be accompanied by a legal guardian who is also booked onto the course.

  • Please note the price does not include:

  • Travel

  • Food

  • Accommodation

  • Parking Fees

    ***If you do plan on using your own kit please let us know when booking***
    **Course cost also covers Launch fee**

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