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​Making moves when it matters!

2 Days

Let our coaches enhance your paddling, by sharpening those tools you use on the river to really make them count!

On our intermediate course we will concentrate improving how we run, play and read the river at grade 3,

Allowing you to add style and flair to your paddling.

This course may well start on grade 2 or 2/3 but this is only to let you dial in on the skills and techniques we can and will use when we move onto our next day which will be Grade 3.

Due to the nature of this course we may have to travel slightly each day to access the correct water levels to get the most from your days on the water.

If the course is based in the North of England, this could mean travelling from the classic section of the Lune in Sedbergh on day 1 across to the Tees on day2 this is to avoid compromising on quality!

Equipment you will need:

  • A white water Spec Canoe with plenty of buoyancy.

  • A suitable paddle

  • Whitewater helmet

  • Buoyancy aid suitable for white water.

  • Sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing such as dry suit and thermals or Wetsuit and Splits.

Extras to think about:

  • Layers of warm clothing 

  • Lunch 

  • Hot drink

***Please get in touch if you need any of the kit above as we may be able to hire at a small charge (subject to availability)***

Please note the cost does not include:

  • Travel

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Parking Charges

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