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2 Days


Are you looking to take your Whitewater canoeing skills to the next level? Then look no further than Whitewater Ways' Advanced Whitewater Canoe Skills

This two-day course is designed for paddlers who are happy on G2/3 and wanting to push into the G3/4 environment.

So many great river options in the UK allow us to be able to really dial in on what you want to get out of the course. whether that's reading rivers to allow you to nail the line on harder rivers, Breaking technical rivers down allowing you to play on them or simply being able to set up safety with your paddling group to allow you to explore more exciting rivers safely.

Venues typically used range from:

  • North East

  • North Wales

  • Cumbria

  • Fort William

We will advertise what venue we have planned along with dates.

BUT DO get in touch if you would like a course putting on in a certain area and we will look to make it happen!

Our qualified coaches and guides are waiting to help you take the leap.

What to bring

  • A canoe appropriately outfitted for white water

  • Suitable clothing for the environment(dry suit/splits)

  • Appropriate footwear for the advanced environment

  • Suitable Whitewater helmet

  • suitable Whitewater paddle

  • Any snack and drinks for on the water


  • This course requires the learners nor to be new to the moderate water environment and can happily paddle on grade 2/3

  • It is also beneficial if you have and can use a swim line but this is not necessary

  • All participants must be over 18 unless accompanied by their legal guardian also on the course

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