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Solidify Those Core Whitewater Skills!


2 Days

Looking to sharpen and hone your core Whitewater skills allowing you to raise your grade from G2 to G3!

Then let our staff take your paddling to the next level, over 2 days we will recap those fundamental Whitewater skills, and set clear aims for your development. The list is endless, from charging your boat, surfing to setting yourself up to nail your line on harder rapids. We will help you achieve this!

Or if you just want to enjoy 2 days playing on guided rivers that's cool too.

This 2day course will usually start with a day working on skill followed by a day on another river journeying. Our improvers course is designed to set you up for the future and give you the skills to choose your own lines and challenges with success on features

***Please get in touch if you need any of the kit above as we can hire at a small charge (subject to availability)***

Equipment you will need:

  • A white water kayak with plenty of buoyancy.

  • A suitable paddle

  • Whitewater helmet

  • Buoyancy aid suitable for white water.

  • Sturdy footwear and appropriate clothing such as dry suit and thermals or Wetsuit and Splits..

Extras to think about:

  • Layers of warm clothing 

  • Lunch 

  • Hot drink

Please note the cost does not include:

  • Travel

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Parking Charges

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