After searching the web for various SUP companies and suppliers we finally decided to give one a go!
Bearing in mind I was looking for a budget sup and not a premium board there were a lot to choose from, so as you probably have guessed I decided to call Wolf Creek UK and see what they could offer?
After a chat with Ian who owns the company I chose to purchase a couple of the Funwater Amigo boards they supply, I wasn't expecting great things if I'm honest. I was pleasantly surprised, everything arrived really quickly, Ian even called to check UPS hadn't pulled a fast one!
After 2 days of the boxes staring at me, myself and a novice took them for a spin, they tracked well, didn't bend, were easy to pump up and to top it off, wolf creek whack a 6year warranty on all the boards they sell! WINNER!
The only down side is that the manufacturer has decided to place the central fin directly under the valve causing a bit of curvature, leading to a slight struggle to put the fin in its housing (just use some washing up liquid)
Overall I am extremely happy with Wolf Creek UK and will be using them again, since this review I have also agreed to be an Ambassador for them.
So check them out and let them know we sent you...or not, your choice. 

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