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Start your coach journey!

Cost £200pp

Are you looking to develop other paddlers through their skill development, support your club or even start your career in Paddlesport?
If so then the coach award is for you!

During your Training course we will be looking at a number of things to aid you on your journey as a coach such as:

  • Technical understanding, of fundamentals.

  • How observation will dictate our decision making

  • Analysing performance

  • Skill breakdown and performance models

  • Site specific coaching and how we can use our environment to reinforce learning

  • How we can challenge and progress learning

  • Reflective practice

  • Coaching delivery

  • Rescue skills

And more we cover loads of really interesting stuff in a simple fun way!


After the course we will give you a detailed action plan and answer any questions you may have on you journey to assessment.

To attend the course you must:

Be a full on the water member

Be 18years or over

Have completed your core coach or UKCC LVL2 training

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