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This document lays out the changes and additions to the standard terms and conditions of booking due to Covid-19, and should be read in conjunction with them. Where there are contradictory statements, this policy takes precedence while government laws and BC guidance on reducing Covid-19 transmission are in place. 

Whitewater Ways is committed to ensuring that every course is run so within the laws and guidelines set out by the government and British Canoeing to minimise the risk of anyone becoming infected with Covid-19.  Nobody can completely eliminate that risk though, and every time you leave your house your risk is increased.  Everybody has a different level of risk acceptance, and of possible consequences of Covid-19 infection. Ultimately, before booking on a course, you must satisfy yourself that you are happy with doing so. If you would like to see our Covid-19 risk assessment, procedures, or to talk through the measures we have put in place for your particular course before making a decision, please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Cancellations/transfers by the Customer

Our Covid-19 postponement policy is designed such that you will never lose any money to us if you have to postpone your course because you have been exposed to Covid-19. 

If you have reason to suspect that you may have been exposed to Covid-19 in the 2 weeks prior to your course/session, you must inform Whitewater Ways. Such reasons include (but are not limited to): 

  • If you show any of the recognised symptoms of Covid-19

  • If you are contacted through track and trace, and told you must self-isolate

  • If you live with a person who has a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 infection

  • Or have other reasons to believe you have been exposed to Covid-19. 

If the timescale of the above mean that you need to postpone your booking, this will be done at no cost to you, regardless of how close to the course starting it is. Your fees will be transferred on to the next available course that you are able to attend, and if one is not currently booked in, then every effort will be made to plan dates in to make a course available to you. 

Cancellations/transfers by Whitewater Ways

Every attempt will be made to ensure courses run as scheduled. However, if the course tutor/coach has reason (as above) to believe that they have been exposed to covid-19, the first priority is to ensure the safety of our customers and therefore a course cannot go ahead with that tutor/coach. We will endeavour to find a suitable replacement tutor/coach wherever possible, but in the event that this is not possible within reasonable timescales, it may be necessary to postpone the course. In this case, every effort will be made to find suitable alternative dates for all course participants, but if this is not possible then a full refund of your course fees will be made (calculated pro-rata where applicable).

Whitewater Ways shall have no liability arising from cancellation other than as set out above, and we recommend that you book refundable accommodation/transport options if required. 

Physical Fitness and Ability to Take Part

Some of our courses, and the environments in which they take place, can be physically demanding. If you have had a Covid-19 infection recently, please make sure that you are recovered and back up to full strength, so that you are able to take part in the course fully. 

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